Jobs and the Economy

The central issue facing our nation right now is our weak economy. We have the highest sustained unemployment rate since the Great Depression. The Tea-publican controlled House of Representatives repeatedly stalls action on any program to help the economy and improve the outlook for jobs. Even worse, the Tea-publicans have brought the government to shutdown once and the brink of shutdown several times. These shutdown threats create massive uncertainty for businesses. That uncertainty blocks business planning and slows job creation without accomplishing any positive purpose.

To get the positive job cycle going, we need to kick-start the economy. Infrastructure spending is the way to go, rebuilding our aging schools, roads, and bridges, as well as expanding our ports and airports. These projects will be funneled through the states to local businesses and local workers plus all the people that supply those workers.The Federal government can provide some emergency funding to the states to help restore teacher cutbacks caused by the weak economy. Our children can’t afford to wait for the economy to recover to have the teachers they need.

In addition to providing jobs to kick-start the economy, infrastructure spending will provide capital improvements that will last for decades, improving our country’s overall economic strength and competitive position in the world economy for a long time to come.

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