I am Patrick McGehearty, a family man, still married to my college sweetheart with a son and four grandchildren. A lifelong Texan and true American, I believe in the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness put forth in the Declaration of Independence as well as the core foundation of our country established by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I am running to be your Democratic representative for the Texas 24th Congressional District to the United States House of Representatives because of the repeated failures of the irresponsible Republican House of Representatives to meet the greatest economic crisis of our country since the Great Depression. At a time when the economy is barely recovering, the Republicans shutdown the government and threatened the creditworthiness of America. Their actions are estimated to have damaged the economic recovery in the billions cost many people their jobs. They demand continued tax breaks for the rich while cutting the social safety net, including reducing Food Stamps for children. They express concern about the deficit but are unwilling to let the true tax rate on the 1% rise to match that of the middle class.

To get our economy moving again, we need a strong jobs program which invests in infrastructure like roads, ports, and airports. We also need a comprehensive effort to develop North American energy independence. These actions will build our self-confidence. With confidence, companies will be prepared to hire for the future, our people will be willing to plan and buy for the future, and our economy will maintain to the world leadership position that it has held for almost a century. Some may say that America’s time is past. They are wrong. If we make the right choices today, our children will be able to look forward to a positive future with plentiful opportunities.

I ask your support for my candidacy. Without help and teamwork, nothing is possible. With it, anything is possible.